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See what people like you have to say about the Personal Blender!

From Laura M. of Hanover, PA

Where do I begin? I love my Personal Blender (PB-200) for the delicious fruit smoothies I have been making for breakfast for several months now. However, I was recently introduced to green smoothies and adding the leafy greens to my smoothie has been so easy! I have a super powered breakfast with fresh, organic, leafy greens, fruit, Berry Radical antioxidant and In-Liven Probiotic Superfood. In fact, my toddler's LOVE them too. How many toddlers do you know that get a cup of spinach for breakfast? Thank you so much for a fantastic productů.I recommend it all the time.

From Fred C. of Cambridge, MA

I am a 62-year-old diabetic with extreme diabetic neuropathy (i.e. pain and numbness in my fingers). About three years ago, my doctor suggested that I supplement my breakfast with fresh fruit; specifically he suggested a smoothie with fruit and yogurt. I did quite a bit of research on the Internet evaluating several brands of smoothie makers. In all but one case, the units were clearly underpowered and required a lot of complex cleanup of several parts (not the best thing for me with my neuropathy). The one exception was the Tribest PB-100 Personal Blender. The PB-100 had a powerful 200-watt motor and what was really great was the fact that you made the smoothie in the same cup you drank from. Cleanup was a breeze - a quick rinse of the cup and the cutting blades. Making a smoothie was even simpler - put the ingredients in the cup; screw on the cutting blades; and blend away; simple and painless, even with my neuropathy. But the best was still to come.

For the past three plus years, I made at least one smoothie per day. A big smoothie - I used the tall 24oz cup. That means a 24 oz cup filled with ice, fruit and some liquid blended every morning. The amazing thing is that the blender worked perfectly for over 1000+ smoothies. A couple of weeks ago, the blender finally had a failure. A $5 plastic clutch cracked. I called Tribest Customer Service, explained the situation and ordered a new clutch. Three days later I had the new clutch and with some telephone help from Customer Service, I was able to replace the clutch myself in less than five minutes. Now my PB-100 is working like the day I received it. ...Thanks Tribest for a GREAT product.

From Laraine B.

This product reminds me strongly of the Macintosh computer. The manufacturer has turned technology "on its head" (in this case literally) and made a machine that's beautifully designed, takes up very little room and (best of all) does the job better than any of the competition.

From Phil P. of Anchorage, AK

I had Gastric Bypass surgery last year and had to blend and puree all my food in the beginning. I also have to have additional protein throughout the day and I use my personal blender at least twice a day. IT IS FANTASTIC. Just throw in what you need and press it down and Voila! you have a great drink. I would not give up my personal blender for anything, in fact, I gave up two countertop blenders in lieu of yours. Many in our support group have purchased the same unit and I get nothing but rave reviews about it. Thank you for such convenience.

From Carol G. of Westminster, CO

I love my Personal Blender. It has made lots of salad dressings and smoothies...It is lightweight, convenient to travel with, great for work, simple to use, takes up very little space, easy to clean and store on the counter or in a cabinet. I eat about 95-100% raw foods and it's a great way to enjoy fresh at its best. I feel like a commercial, but I find it easy to promote something I believe in and love. It's being true to my beliefs and spreading the word!

From Marilen B. of Pasadena, CA

...I did try my Personal Blender, and I LOVE IT! Thank you for making this product! I have been doing smoothies for dinner last night and for breakfast this morning and lunch also! I just enjoy how quick it makes a smoothie and my kids love it too, so does my 18 year old daughter "The College Drama Queen" and also fast clean up, YAY! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!

From Lois G. of Woodstock, GA

The design of the Personal Blender is perfect for my fruit smoothies that I enjoy daily with my breakfast. I started using the Tribest blender shortly after I began making my own homemade soymilk and soy yogurt. I combine these two products with 1/2 of a frozen banana and other frozen fruit (typically a mixture of various berries, pineapple, mango, etc.). Sometimes I add a bit of crushed ice. The 'upside down' design of the Personal Blender makes it possible for me to eat my smoothie from the blender cup, thus creating fewer dirty dishes and less waste of product.

From Elizabeth W. of Austin, TX

I love the fact that my Personal Blender is so portable! I travel 50%-75% of the time for my job and I take my blender on all trips. I drink a protein shake every morning for breakfast and the blender is perfect! My 18-year old son also drinks smoothies for breakfast and whenever I took the blender with me, he complained that he had to use the old fashioned blender - so, he got his own Personal Blender for Christmas 2004. He is going away to university this fall and his blender is going with him. It is a wonderful product - we LOVE it!

From Carla F. of Colorado Springs, CO

I love my Personal Blender! I took it on a 10-day cruise and used it everyday. I also travel 4-5 times a year and have taken it on every trip! I make a protein smoothie once every day and I love it that I can still have it when I am away!

From Julianne of New Zealand

Hi, not only is the blender great for smoothies, but I use it to whip cream in seconds, chop herbs, and it makes breadcrumbs instantly. Throw in a crust of bread and whizz it up. It's great, and I take it away in our campervan when travelling, for drinks too. I love it, it is one of the handiest appliances in my kitchen.

From Espe of San Jose, CA

I'm so glad I found your blender while doing research for a new one! It's about time they came out with a blender that's easy to clean(and portable).

I rarely make enough to fill a big blender, and always dreaded cleaning the thing. Now, I blend, clean it up-and go. No extra glass to deal with.

P.S. I also like the safety-feature of the blade assembly. Keep up the good work, Tribest!

From Helen C. of Pomona, CA

Dear People at Tribest:

I have been wanting to write and tell you how much I love my personal blender and wonder how I have gotten along without it. I make a smoothie every day, my favorite is almond milk ground flaxseed and frozen blueberries or frozen strawberries and a frozen banana. What a healthy treat... I hope you never quit selling them.

From Shelley T. of Harrisburg, PA

I love the blender. I make a lot of smoothies and it's perfect for that. Very easy to use and clean. The containers are a perfect size & I love the fact that they come with lids!

From David G. of Soquel, CA

As a 46 year old competitive athlete, I always start my day with a healthy breakfast. Everyday, part of that breakfast is a protein shake made with my Personal Blender. I have really abused it, but it refuses to quit. I am really impressed with the quality, strength of the motor and the ease of cleaning.

From Eileen M. of New York, NY

It's extremely easy to use and clean; it's small enough to not take up too much space in my cramped kitchen; I can take it with me so I can now enjoy more nutritional drinks and keep to my diet whether at home or work, or even travelling. And it's FUN to use and experiment with!

From Gale H. of Middle Grove, NY

What a great product! The Personal Blender is just perfect. The blender is very easy to use and great to make extras with the additional cups. Clean up is a breeze...The recipes were delicious and nutritious!!!

From Kerry W. of Rochester, NY

The Personal Blender worked wonderfully and with great ease. No mess, no spills, easy to assemble & can drink right from the blending container. Crushes ice and blends fruit. Easy to use and easy to clean. Compact and portable, yet very powerful.

From Patricia Z. of Eastlake, OH

I found the Personal Blender to be just what its name implies - Personal! It is easy to use, easy to transport, easy to clean, and it enables you to tap the many nutrients available in raw foods more efficiently. I am a vegetarian and want a 60% raw diet. This little machine is perfect! I have a large juicer which I use daily, but the Tribest Personal Blender provides an entirely different source in blending and grinding. Using it to grind my sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds that I put on my salad makes them much easier to chew too.

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