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*****Personal Blender is now available at Target.com*****                
Personal Blender® Smoothie Makers Now Include Commuter Sipping Lid
     Starting in January, 2008, all Tribest® Personal Blender® single-serving blenders will now include commuter lids.

Personal Blender® Smoothie Maker Now Available in Select Jamba Juice® Stores!
     The Tribest® Personal Blender® single-serving blender is now available at participating Jamba Juice® stores throughout the United States.

Drink up and Shape up with America's First Single-Serving Blender
     The Revolutionary Ice-Crushing, Smoothie-Making, Go-Anywhere Blender That Makes Healthy Living More Convenient Than Ever Before!
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Personal Blender® Single Serving Blender Wins 4th Alive Award of Excellence!
     The Tribest Personal Blender® Won the Silver Award in the Equipment Category of the 2008 Alive Awards of Excellence.
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Why Choose the Tribest Personal Blender® smoothie maker?
     "Make it your way, in your own cup, and drink up!" There's no more cumbersome blending jar to clean. At just 6.5" (Height) x 4.75" (Diameter) and 3lbs. it's the compact and lightweight alternative to bulky traditional blenders.
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Smoothies and Other
Scrumptious Delights


Hot Off the Presses - Smoothies and Other Scrumptious Delights by Elysa Markowitz
Alive Books, the leading natural-health publishing company, brings you Smoothies and Other Scrumptious Delights by renown raw food chef Elysa Markowitz.

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Personal Blender in Raw Food Made Easy with Jennifer Cornbleet
     Personal Blender is featured in the new Raw Food Made Easy DVD hosted by raw food chef and author, Jennifer Cornbleet. This companion video to her popular book gives helpful hints and practical tips on incorporating raw foods into your daily diet. Click the image on the left to see a clip from the DVD.
Click here to see the show!

Personal Blender brings you The Enlightened Kitchen with Marie Oser
     The Tribest® Personal Blender® single-serving blender is featured in the vegetarian cooking series, The Enlightened Kitchen, hosted by Marie Oser. In the series Marie Oser uses the Personal Blender to create delicious recipes like Pineapple Curry and Tempting Tempeh Tostadas. You can watch streaming video of the show by clicking the image below!
Click here to see the show!

  Personal Blender® Testimonials
     When people like a product, they tend to speak out. See what everyday people said about the Tribest Personal Blender® single-serving blender and how it has helped them lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

New!  Extra-Long Silicone Spatula Now Available!
     Get every last bit of goodness from your Personal Blender® creations using the extra-long silicone spatula. It was designed with an extra long handle to easily reach the bottom of your blending containers.

Personal Blender® Featured on VegTV!
     The Tribest Personal Blender® single-serving blender was recently featured on the first episode of VegTV, a vegetarian cooking show hosted by best-selling author and syndicated newspaper columnist Marie Oser, and Emmy Award winning TV journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell. The show used the Tribest Personal Blender to conveniently blend, chop, and mince tasty ingredients to make delicious (and nutritious) Veggie Nachos.
Click here to see the recipe from the show!

Using the Personal Blender® smoothie maker
     Personal Blender™. How to operate it? It's quite simple actually. From the operation of the unit right down to the cleaning and storage, there's nothing complicated about this machine. Click here to read on!

Details about Personal Blender® smoothie maker
     Want to learn more about the Personal Blender® unit itself? Want to know every little part that makes the Personal Blender® as special as it is? Well, click here to see what makes our blender unlike any on the market today!

Order one Now!
     So you know everything about the blender already and you want to buy one as soon as possible? Don't hesitate, click here to go to our retail outpost on the web! You can also find replacement parts and accessories to keep your blender in top shape!

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